Dü Design highlights the best in sustainable design

Dü Design underwent a total redesign by the hands of Mariana Pesca Arquitetura, which developed a showroom designed to be a sensory experience:. the proposal was to present more than exposed furniture, but to pass on the idea of ​​a home, valuing the versatility and beauty of Dü Design’s pieces, developed with maximum sustainability. Photography by Fernando Willadino.


“We have gone through times of redesign. We rethink concepts, purposes and, above all, the environment in which we live. In this context, the house became the center of attention and the starting point for the project of the new Dü Design showroom, in Florianópolis. Created by the Mariana Pesca Arquitetura Office, in a store-in-store system (store in the store), as the space is attached to Masotti Floripa, the proposal is to present more than exposed furniture, but convey the idea of ​​a home, valuing versatility and the beauty of the pieces by Dü Design, developed with maximum sustainability, and also by other brands that will be part of the store’s portfolio.”

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