Kahi- Resort and Events by Yaron Eldad Architect

The project, led by architect Yaron Eldad, puts precise authenticity at the forefront of the design, with modern and contemporary touches that make the resort bo th prestigious and effortlessly fun. Photography by Oded Smadar.


The events complex offers a unique experience that includes hospitality after the event, accompanied by indulgences such as a sp a and food at the highest level. The design brings the Maldives in full swing to an area that is completely different the Island paradise. This resort is run at t he forefront by the culinary work being the famous chef Moshik Roth, who was the first from Israel to receive a Michelin star in Europe.

Eldad entered the picture in the initial stage of planning and was given a vast, arid area full of sand on which he was to desig n a tropics inspired resort getaway. In this venture, the biggest challenge was to create a space with an international essence, which is 100 % faithful to the source and does not betray its geographical Once the sketch was complete, the next step was to use authentic colors and materials, faithful to the geographical area with which the project corresponded.

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