Vila Madalena’s apartment by Carolina Bordonco

Interior designer Carolina Bordonco redesigned the environments and made the property more comfortable and more like a home. In the living room, practical furniture and side tables and beanbags make the environment flexible. Even the swivel chair was purposeful to make it easier to move around when there are more people. Furniture all by Dunelli and carpet by Casa Frato Decor. Photography by Kadu Lopes.


Camila had lived in this apartment located in Vila Madalena for three years when she decided to redesign the spaces and change furniture and decorations that no longer made sense to her at this stage of life.

“She had items from the other place she used to live, with more colors, a more relaxed style, and now she wanted a cozier place, more like a home and more organized to receive friends and family”, says interior designer Carolina Bordonco, ahead of the project.
During the renovation, nothing structural was changed. The greatest thing was to change the bathroom and kitchen doors, so that the new doors were integrated into the joinery panel.

The main challenge for Carolina was the integrated room, which does not have more conventional angles and measurements. Thinking about this integrated environment without leaving too much plastered was challenging. “We managed to leave a very flexible room with plenty of space to sit and serve without interfering with the passage or closing the room. She also wanted a more comfortable table and to change the position of the bar, which used to be a loose piece of furniture and is now the dining room with a cabinet and bench”, she says.

For the decor, the professional chose soft colors of light wood and white woodwork panels to not get tired or nauseated. The furniture repeats these soft tones, with an emphasis on the blue upholstered bench and the sofa with cushions in earth tones.

“We changed the colors of the walls. We use burnt cement, shredded paper for plain walls and two colors of blue – a mantra for the apartment’s entrance and wall and cooling for her bedroom wall”, says the designer. joinery and furniture. In the bathroom, the old floor was replaced by a new tile and the countertop by another.

With a contemporary style and timeless pieces, the project guaranteed the resident exactly what she was looking for: a light and comfortable apartment with a feeling of home. In the bedroom, the dresser was already existent and was the main piece to create the concept of the layout and decoration. Carolina took advantage of her blue color. A beautiful and comfortable corner was created next to the dresser for reading, with an armchair and puff.

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