The house remodeling project Casa en Chaflán designed by Destudio was born with the intention of improving the living space of an apartment located in the downtown area of the city of Valencia. With more than 165 m2 of floor space, this project has the peculiarity of having two directions, a challenge to be solved by the team of architects in charge of the project. Photography by Mariela Apollonio.


The most important point of all our intervention is in the living/dining room, where these two directions converge. The solution has been to design a natural oak wood paneled curve, which dresses and gives character to the whole space, making it the real protagonist of the entire renovation project. The floor chosen for all the rooms of the house has been a porcelain tile with underfloor heating installation. One of the most efficient heating systems on the market and with which we avoid the installation of radiators.
Another of the characteristic elements of this area is the bow window designed to measure and with built-in chest. The perfect corner to relax and enjoy a good book.

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