Billiard Apartment by Diego Revollo

Billiard Apartment is a project designed by Diego Revollo. The 340 sqm apartment, located in a neoclassical building dating from the beginning of the 2000’s, was already owned by the family of the young entrepreneur, although only sporadically occupied. The decor, which followed the architectural spirit of those times, already seemed old-fashioned. When the client decided to set residence at the property and asked for our firm to refurbish it, he made clear his desire that the interiors expressed a contemporary atmosphere, consistent with his personality and current lifestyle. Photography by Fran Parente.


Our project put forward simple and precise interventions, in order to allow a renovation process that could take advantage of the apartment’s solid structure, preserving and restoring its pre-existing noble elements. In that sense, the slabs of polished crema marfil marble, which cover the entire surface of the property’s social area, have been submitted to a levigation process, for the purpose of obtaining a matt finish and providing the desired contemporary touch, without compromising the sophistication and sobriety of the material.
In respect of the original plaster ceiling, which was conceived to conceal the air conditioning system and frame the interiors in a classical style, an updated solution has been suggested, through the creation of plaster beams covered with burnt cement finishing. Such intervention, on top of being functional, also reinforces the project’s conceptual language, providing more visual cleanliness, recalling the brutalist tradition and evoking a masculine ambience.
Even though that was not a clear intention of the client at first, the apartment took on a strongly masculine DNA – which had already awoken the client’s interest and admiration for other projects of our firm. The suggested layout reflected such perception, particularly due to the client’s desire to have a billiard table in his living area. Then, our firm started to search for a model that could reiterate and dialogue with the refinement of materials and elements of the living room – finally coming up with the Centennial Pool Table, an authentic Art Déco commemorative edition model by Brunswick, the legendary American producer, launched by the time of its hundredth anniversary in 1946.
Leading figure of the project, the billiard table – purchased from an American collector and restored – has also been the crucial element of the interiors’ spatial organization. Centrally positioned between the two glass doors that open on to the social balcony, the billiard table divides the living room in two different spaces: on one side, a traditional sitting area with sofa, and on the other side, next to the fireplace, a lounge area with armchairs. Furthermore, it does not compete, neither visually nor spatially, with the dining table, since the dining room, although integrated, is located in a more reserved, adjacent area.
The project’s timeless essence has been ensured by the selection of furniture and decoration objects, which correspond to different styles and periods, but have provided a finely tuned decor that brings forth the atmosphere requested by the client. Our choices have favoured pieces produced by national and foreign designers, either young or of recognized reputation. For instance, we shall mention the Paraty armchair, by the widely known Sergio Rodrigues, the sofa created by the young designer Bruno de Carvalho and the pendant produced by Vistosi, traditional Italian brand, which illuminates the billiard table and helps reaffirm its centrality to the project. Moreover, some pieces have been specially designed by Diego Revollo to integrate the project – such as the fireplace lounge coffee tables, executed in travertino silver marble, and the dining table, in black lacquered wood and polished metal.
At last, the curatorship of works of art has been guided by the purpose of adding touches of colour and irreverence to the interiors, besides restating the contemporary aura desired by the client. In addition to elegant sculptures and photographs, special mention shall be made to Sergio Lucena’s canvas, in slightly pink tones, which stands out as the most colourful point of the project, as well as the José Bechara’s work, positioned on the wall next to the bar table. This selection of works of art has dignified the decor, without overshadowing the project’s unique personality.

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