Lakehouse Residence by Reena Sotropa In House Design Group

Lakehouse Residence is a project designed by Reena Sotropa In House Design Group. “Our lovely Lakehouse clients came to us in the early months of 2019 looking for help in updating their custom, built-for-them bungalow. They were very hands-on throughout the entire design process and, since their project has finished, we have to admit that we miss talking to them every day! The existing interior of their Alberta lakefront home was in pristine condition, but the finishes were outdated, leading to our biggest design challenge: deciding what to keep and how to work with it. Our clients and design team both agreed that there was no need to scrap everything and start over, so we got to work making decisions on what should stay and what could go.” Photography by Phil Crozier.


“The colour scheme for this house was kept fairly neutral as our clients had a colourful personal collection of art that needed to be shown off – like the Slim Aaron Poolside Glamour print and vast collection of Italian glass sculptures seen in one of their two home office spaces. Any colours we brought into the design were inspired directly from their collection of art to ensure a sense of harmony within the space.”

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