Tiong Poh Road House by PI Architects

Tiong Poh Road House is a project designed by PI Architects. Artisanal cafes, boutique yoga studios and speakeasy bars slot themselves amongst the idyllic backdrop of a charismatic pre-war public housing estate. Tiong Bahru. Photography by PI Architects.


A 2-bedroom, 1,200sqft ground floor unit nestles within this melting pot of old world charm and millennial hipsters. A couple who has lived in Tiong Bahru over 13 years across 4 properties has decided to settle here.

Its royal blue main door greets from behind matte black powder-coated aluminium grilles. Underneath it, a tiled floor of green and black hints passerby of what lies within the apartment. While its door is a loud statement, its glass windows sit unassumingly behind the original cast-iron grilles, along the sloped corridors. Almost as an understatement.

The blue door opens up directly into the living room. Daylight filters through the emerald cathedral glass windows, reminiscent of a Wong Kar Wai movie scene, and giving a pastoral wash over a living room that is a cacophony of colours and textures.

A royal blue wall cladding references the main door and provides a datum between the floral patterned floor and the exposed original brickwork. A Great Gatsby inspired wallpaper pays tribute to the art deco building this apartment sits in. A golden portal wraps around a full height mirror, reflecting the living room on itself.

Like at the entrance of a speak-easy bar, the mirror slides open to expose the rest of the house. A skylight brings in the warm tone of day to wash out the green glow, onto a corridor which extends all the way to the rear of the apartment. Along this brick-lined corridor are the study and the bedroom.

The study is a nostalgic time capsule. It is a tasteful repository of the man of the house, who is a collector of antiques, memorabilia, literature and vinyl records. The original olive green and white mosaic tiles were retained, and a full-height shelf was installed to display all the collectibles.

The bedroom is a private sanctum where a royal blue walkway of wardrobes celebrate the eclectic garments of the lady of the house. Mirrors on the beams and on the bathroom doors create an infinite arched portal within the confines of this treasure chest.

At the end of the brick-lined corridor is a second living room which is adjacent to the kitchen and dining space. Clerestory windows and glass sliding doors allow sunlight to filter into the kitchen and brightens up the sky blue and light toned kitchen.

A rear courtyard opens up to the sky as a Turkish fountain cools down the space. This is a light-filled haven for house plants and a spice garden to thrive in.

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