BH_A apartment by NIDO

BH_A apartment is a project designed by NIDO. The space with a whole bunch of contradictory conditions brought us to a quite interesting interpretation of a given volume. As gifts we received high ceilings, gorgeous panoramic windows with great view and a chimneystack. However, we were limited by wetcore area location and a necessity to move the kitchen without leaving it without the natural light. Photography by NIDO.


We managed to avoid excessive walls to let more light inside the space from the windows of the living room. The private part combines the bedroom, the closet and the bathroom forming a strict walk-through line for an easy access, air-saving and, again, light-adding purposes. The lowered ceiling adds intimacy and moreover hides the vent system.

The kids’ room potential was fully used vertically – the high ceilings helped us in developing beds’ constructive features as well as adding ceiling-mounted storage system.

In this apartment – traditionally – 90% of furniture was developed individually by NIDO.

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