OZG by WE Architects

OZG is a project designed by WE Architects. A young Tel-Avivian family with two sweet children, moved to the Northernmost neighbourhood of Tel Aviv, to an apartment with a spectacular view of the blue Mediterranean Sea.
Prior to the renovation, the original apartment was outdated and poorly designed so the plan was to make minor changes that will make a big difference. Photography by ITAY BENIT.


The living room remained in its original location but was redesigned with a delicate carpentry unit, a luxurious and large sofa, a metal table with rounded angles (designed by me), a sophisticated art work, and delicate soft textiles – all of which created a fun and effortless atmosphere overlooking the spectacular views from the balcony.
Since the need for storage was significant, multiple storage solutions were planned. The guest bathroom was transformed into a storage room, and combined with an entrance closet, both created a vast range of storage space.

In the previous renovation the utility room was appended to the kitchen and the dining area was separated from the kitchen by a low partition. This created a space which was not homogeneous. The new design resulted in a more unified and coherent space.
Instead of having one large bathroom, it was decided to re-organize the whole floor plan in order to allow for two smaller bathrooms, one in the master bathroom and one in the communal area.
The master room itself was designed in neutral colors in order create a serene atmosphere for the parents to enjoy at the end of the day. The new cabinetry was broken into two separate pieces – one accommodating the TV and hanging clothes, while the other was smaller in depth and contained folded clothing items.
The master bathroom was kept minimalistic, tiled with plain small rectangular white tiles and was enclosed with a glass wall partition. This enabled a flow of natural light between the two spaces.

The two boys now share a room with a light wooden bunk bed. The whole room was elevated by a unique built-in cabinet. In order to enjoy the natural light and allow flexibility within the room’s layout, The unit was designed to wrap around the existing window. This resulted in a tailor-made bed-time story bench.

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