Raw Apartment by MGA

Raw Apartment is a project designed by MGA (Manuel García Asociados). Isabel and Peter is a Belgian couple who was already enjoying a second residence in front of the Campoamor golf course for a few years. An apartment that presented the typical appearance and morphology of the many houses for foreigners that are built along the coast of Alicante. Very compartmentalized spaces, basic materials and a clumsy nod to Mediterranean architecture through the use of white as well as little thought-out solutions such as carpentry arches to connect the day area.


Transforming the appearance of the house with the minimum possible intervention, to achieve a clean and neutral atmosphere of Mediterranean inspiration and with a clear commitment to naturalness has been the fundamental premise to face this partial renovation.

An austere palette of materials and resources centered on white and beige shades is the base point for this restyling.

We have created bright and fresh spaces with abundant light and the presence of natural materials to highlight the Mediterranean essence of the complex. Light woods, textiles as yutes or linen and small details in black to complement the light colored moodboard.

The poetics of traditional architecture with its gentle and vaulted shapes are also reflected in the design.

The arch-shaped entrances to the day area are maintained but modifying its appearance with a simple language. Craftsmanship becomes the added value of this restyling. The small details such as the leather handles, the decorational elements or the pleasantly selected pieces of furniture complement the quiet interior in a charming way.

The day area consists of a living room next to the dining area whis is represented by a wooden bench with round table and a wall niche with wooden shelves which decorate the space. This bench acts as a connecting point between the day area and the kitchen, functional and simple solution. The sliding door, slotted and with a large wooden handle, divides the living space from the night area.

Sober bedrooms and neutral and warm bathrooms, resolved in microcement, pursue material and aesthetic continuity.

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