Brunswick House by Jacqui Koska Interior Design

A Brunswick Californian Bungalow enriched with texture and warm tones designed by Jacqui Koska Interior Design. This dated Californian Bungalow was in much need of rejuvenation and a fresh repurposing of the space. Fundamental to the brief was to instil a warm ‘lived-in’ feel, with nothing too contrived. The design needed to work in with the architectural style of the building and the client’s existing artwork and vintage furniture. Photography by Martina Gemmola.


Well considered space planning and design helped achieve a more luxurious feel to the functional spaces in the centre of the home. Widened openings create smooth transitions between the new study space, living room and kitchen, connecting each other with a sense of continuation and grandeur. Visually pleasing joinery marries into the existing interior, blending old and new while adding functionality and purpose.

A fresh, clean backdrop of textured warm whites maximises the light in the space, allowing the neutral tones, dark timbers and hints of grey to harmonise. This paring back of the overall colour palette and design elements allows the key artisanal pieces to feature and become the focus.

The use of perfect warm whites in combination with handmade materials and finishes allows the interiors to feel inviting, relaxed and timeless. The custom herringbone bench top, undulating tiles and custom walnut joinery all compliment the neutral tones with an earthy feel while providing an eye-catching textural highlight to each space.

The strong patterned bathroom floor tiles are a nod to Morocco and the client’s desire to incorporate some elements from their overseas travel. A textured plaster like specialist paint finish wraps up from the wall onto the ceiling while limestone accents add an earthy and luxurious feel to the space.

The Brunswick house interior is a true reflection of how creative design can bring together function and aesthetics seamlessly, while incorporating the owner’s style throughout.

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