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A Modern Villa by Israelevitz Architects

A Modern Villa is a project designed by Israelevitz Architects. Welcome to the new home of a couple with 6 children, located in a quiet and pleasant neighborhood in one of the coveted and vibrant central cities. Over the years, the family lived on a nearby street, in a rented house that did not quite match their taste and needs. They purchased a corner plot of about half a dunam and approached Dan and Hila Israelevitz – the owners of the Israelevitz Architects office, to design a home tailored to their needs. The result, like all the projects the firm is entrusted with, is inspiring thanks to poetic, ultra-modern and unconventional architecture, a close connection between indoor and outdoor spaces, and meticulous and highly professional interior design tailored precisely to their lifestyle. This is what it looks like from the outside and inside. Photography by Oded Smadar.

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