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Contemporary Residence in Los Angeles, California

Californian studio McClean Design has planned the Blue Jay Way Residence, a beautiful, stylish and contemporary house situated in Los Angeles, California. Built in 2008, the house was completed by Corr Contemporary Homes and dominates the scene of the California state as it stretches over 6,800 square feet. It challenges personal perception as it both surprises and delights the mind with a combination of sleek, contemporary finishes and furnishings, spacious, luxurious rooms, a deluge of colour and a beautiful view of the world below.

Contemporary Residence in Los Angeles, California 01

Nettleton 212, by Saota Architects

Set on a very steeply sloping site overlooking Clifton. The house incorporates a spiral staircase surrounding a cylindrical lift that services all levels.

Nettleton 212 by SAOTA 02

WATER Residence, St Barths by Barnes Coy Architects

Barnes Coy Architects designed this stylish residence in St. Barts, a lovely Caribbean island which is considered a playground of the rich and famous and it’s known for its beautiful pristine beaches, gourmet dining in chic bistros and high-end designers boutiques.

WATER Residence, St Barths by Barnes Coy Architects 18

The Hilltop House by Safdie Rabines

The architect Safdie Rabines has designed the Hilltop House in Rancho Santa Fe, California. This luxurious home was designed to maximize the 360 degree views from its hilltop location. Six bedroom suites, eight baths, an office tower, a library, a den and a media room with nearly 10,000 square feet of luxury living, plus patios, terraces, and a six car garage.

The Hilltop House by Safdie Rabines 01

Luxury safari in wonderful houses

Find your perfect african safari in a luxury natural accomodation:

luxury safary in Africa 01

Victoria 50 Luxury Apartments On Clifton Beach by SAOTA

Situated on Clifton Beach in the suburb of Cape Town, South Africa, the Victoria 50 apartments take full advantage of the ocean view. The interiors have plenty of natural light and the outdoor terraces are fully utilized for entertainment and viewing sunsets. Designed by Stefan Antoni Olmesdahl Truen Architects (SAOTA), these luxury apartments reflect the best of contemporary coastal living.

Victoria 50 Luxury Apartments On Clifton Beach 01

Mountain House by David Guerra Architecture

All private and social areas were developed in one single level which faces the mountains. The verandas of these premises are turned to a grassy courtyard where the swimming pool with a deck, a  douche, a water mirror and a cascade is located. The materials were chosen with the aim to combine beauty, snugness and ease of maintenance and to create a contrast between natural and technological materials such as reclaimed wood, stones, earthenware, bamboo, tile, fiber, metal, stainless steel, double glazed and laminated glass, glass tile, anodized aluminum, wood venetian and tecnocimento. The use of wood on the floor, the walls and the ceiling as well as the massive wooden doors cause noise absorption which increases the acoustic comfort. The cantilever roofing of the verandas made of steel structure, bamboo and polycarbonate offer shading and create a village atmosphere. There was no intention to follow a fad by the choice of the furniture. Rather each article of furniture was selected carefully to reflect the personal history of the occupants with their multiplicity, their references and values. The furniture includes classic, rustic, contemporary designs and pieces made by Brazilian designers. All the furniture give to the entire area a sense of lightness and fluidity that enable to see through them, the landscape.

Mountain House by David Guerra Architecture 01

The Nightingale House by Marc Canadell

Marc Canadell has designed a new home in the hills overlooking West Hollywood in California.Some homes just live and breathe luxury.  They scream high society and induce a sort of shocking dropped jaw awe that makes you say, “Wait, did I see that place in a movie once?” The Marc Canadell  designed Nightingale Home set above California’s famed Sunset Strip does exactly that.  It’s a 9,000 square foot, five bedrooms, eight bathroom home set on one acre, and it’s absolutely astonishing.

The Nightingale House by Marc Canadell 01

The all white two story home features a contemporary design with dark floors that contrast the home’s lighter color palette and detailed finishes that include semi-translucent glass doors, sliding transitions between the master bedroom and en suite bathroom, and other impeccable finishes meant to impress.

The totally dark theater room has three couches for curling up on, but this isn’t the only place to watch a movie. Perhaps set up as an homage to its famous “Bird Streets” location, guests can also watch movies projected on the second story wall that opens up to the backyard.

The screening area is visible from the long lap pool, but moviegoers might have trouble deciding whether to watch the film or the city lights off in the distance. In the end, this is one of the best features of The Nightingale Home.

The view at night glimmers with a view of Los Angeles that feels close enough to touch. The lap pool opens up to this view, as does the outdoor fireplace, the master suite, the living room, and the kitchen.

True chefs will rejoice when they catch light of the kitchen with stainless steel appliances, multiple ovens, a huge hood, and long countertops that connect to bar seating on the other side and then opens up completely to the beautiful backyard views. If there’s a place that feels like paradise, it’s most certainly this.