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Hawthorn Residence by Canny.

The Hawthorn is a single family residence designed by Canny, and is located in Hawthorn, Australia.

Hawthorn Residence by Canny 01

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Cabo House by Vanguarda Architects.

Cabo House is located in Cabos del Lago, Argentina, and was designed by Vanguarda Architects. The geometry is solved through a simple S-shaped folded wall that allows the house to be opened to the front and rear façade, closing on its sides above and below alternatively to create the different areas of the layout.

Cabo House by Vanguarda Architects 01

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Aranya House by Modo Designs.

Aranya House was designed by Modo Designs located in Aranya, India.

Aranya House by Modo Designs 01

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Master Suite: Bed/Stair by Perianth Interior Design

After completing the design and installation for their Boy’s Bedroom, the client asked Perianth to design the interiors for their new Master Bedroom Suite, which would be a new structure added atop of their Park Avenue townhouse. After learning the parameters of the project from the architects, Zaskorski and Notaro, Perianth designed everything from the placement of windows, doors and skylights down to the final finishing touches.

Master Suite BedStair by Perianth Interior Design 01

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House in La Moraleja by Dahl Architects + GHG Architects

Dahl Architects + GHG Architects designed this modern single family home located in La Moraleja, Madrid, Spain.

House in La Moraleja by Dahl Architects + GHG Architects 01

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Butterfly Beach by Maienza-Wilson.

This contemporary residence was designed by Maienza-Wilson Interior Design + Architecture and is located in  Montecito, a highly affluent place in Santa Barbara County California, USA.

Butterfly Beach by Maienza-Wilson 01

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Port Ludlow Residence by FINNE.

Port Ludlow Residence was designed by FINNE, and is located on the Hood Canal, in the state of Washington, USA. The Port Ludlow Residence is a compact, 2400 SF modern house located on a wooded waterfront property at the north end of the Hood Canal, a long, fjord-like arm of western Puget Sound. The house creates a simple glazed living space that opens up to become a front porch to the beautiful Hood Canal.

Port Ludlow Residence by FINNE 01

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The Wall House by FARM.

The Wall House was designed by FARM and is located in Singapore.

The Wall House by FARM 01

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Anish Amin House by Atelier dnD.

Anish Amin House was completed in 2011 by Atelier dnD and is located in in Alibaug, India.

Anish Amin House by Atelier dnD 01

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Sefcovic Residence by Tate Studio Architects.

Tate Studio Architects designed the Sefcovic Residence located in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA. With this project Tate Studio Architects won the 2011 Gold Nugget Award of Merit (Custom Home over 6,000 sf).

Sefcovic Residence by Tate Studio Architects 01

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