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Apartment by Gabriela Prado

For the first time living alone, the owner of this apartiment in Moema, São PAulo, found himself facing the 70m² plant and felt that he needed help to transform the property into a home. “ He had no affiniy for reform and he counted on our support to desogn , budget anda manage”says architect Gabriela Prado, who signs the interiors. “Everything was developed online because of the pandemic”, says. Photography by Fernando Crescenti.


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Apartment Vila Alpina by Gabriela Prado

The architect Gabriela Prado brought warmth to the interior design from the textures and a green wall. White and gray palette is north in the decor of apartment social area.

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A large and elegant 120 m² apartment for a couple by Gabriela Prado

A large, elegant and classic apartment. This was the goal of architect Gabriela Prado when designing this home for a young couple from São Paulo. Located in the Brooklin neighborhood, the 120-square-meter apartment underwent a nine-month renovation – practically a pregnancy – to stay the way residents wanted.

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