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Okura House by Bossley Architects.

Okura House was designed by Bossley Architects and is located in North Shore, Auckland, New Zealand. Designed for a sensitive ridge in rolling countryside, this house was depressed three metres into the existing ridgeline to minimise impact on the sea views from the neighbouring sites.

Okura House by Bossley Architects 01

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Private House by Bumper Investments.

Private House is private home completed by Bumper Investments and situated in Beauvallon, in the Gulf of St. Tropez on the French Cote d’Azur.

Private House by Bumper Investments 01

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Plane House by K Studio.

Plane House is a summer private residence designed by K Studio and is located on Skiathos Island, Greece.

Plane House by K Studio 01

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Window by LADAA.

Window is a private house designed by LADAA and is located in Valencia, Spain.

Window by LADAA 01

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Village House by Powerhouse Company.

Village House is located in northern Sjælland, Denmark and was constructed by Powerhouse Company.

Village House by Powerhouse Company 01

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Villa l’Escalet, Saint Tropez.

Villa L’Escalet is a vacation villa located in Saint Tropez, France, with supreme view over the Mediterranean Sea.

Villa l'Escalet, Saint Tropez 01

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LA Residence by La Kaza and Meridith Baer Home.

This stunning contemporary home was designed by La Kaza in collaboration with Meridith Baer Home and is located in Los Angeles, California.

LA Residence by La Kaza and Meridith Baer Home 01

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