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Westridge Residence by Richard Beard Architects

Westridge Residence is a project designed by Richard Beard Architects. Attuned to the rhythms of nature—notably the fog that spills nightly over Windy Hill along the Coast Range—this elegant yet understated house is the result of site-specific design for a growing, young family. The gently sloped property unfolds in layers, from the access road through to the house and beyond. The house is both intimate and expansive, making the most of its setting, sitting quietly on the land, incorporating the ever-changing views into daily life. Photography by Paul Dyer.


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Westridge Residence by Miró Rivera Architects

The Westridge Residence designed by Miró Rivera Architects represents the intersection of inspiring design and exceptional sustainability. Built for a family of four, the design focuses on two compact structures—a main house and detached garage with a guest apartment—linked by a trellis of rebar suspended in a natural catenary curve. Photography by Cris DeWitt and Paul Finkel.

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