Daily Archives: January 24, 2013

Palazzo Gorgoni, 18th century Luxury Palazzo in Italy.

Leading villa experts Think Puglia have introduced a new stunning 18th century Palazzo to their portfolio. Located in the heart of Galatina, Palazzo Gorgoni combines contemporary luxury, historic charm and artistic flair. Its owner has restored it by having fun, putting her passion into it and embracing the original character and history of the building. Meticulously, lovingly and luxuriously brought back to life over the last few years, Palazzo Gorgoni charms, delights and pampers in equal measure, The amount of space is only one of the many surprises in store for guests who, even after a week in residence still find themselves chuckling and cooing at the wonder of it all.

Palazzo Gorgoni, 18th century Luxury Palazzo in Italy 01