A Posteriori by Max Kasymov

A Posteriori is a project designed by Max Kasymov, simple shapes, square, circular, rectanglar, and their combination creates an asymmetrical, but at the same timebalanced composition in the interior. Color emphasizes the architecture of the space and each individual item of furniture. White, black, beige and shades constitute the base color palette: orange, yellow, green are complementary.


a-posteriori-by-max-kasymov-02 a-posteriori-by-max-kasymov-03

a-posteriori-by-max-kasymov-04 a-posteriori-by-max-kasymov-05 a-posteriori-by-max-kasymov-06 a-posteriori-by-max-kasymov-07 a-posteriori-by-max-kasymov-08 a-posteriori-by-max-kasymov-09 a-posteriori-by-max-kasymov-10 a-posteriori-by-max-kasymov-11 a-posteriori-by-max-kasymov-12 a-posteriori-by-max-kasymov-13 a-posteriori-by-max-kasymov-14 a-posteriori-by-max-kasymov-15 a-posteriori-by-max-kasymov-16 a-posteriori-by-max-kasymov-17 a-posteriori-by-max-kasymov-18 a-posteriori-by-max-kasymov-19 a-posteriori-by-max-kasymov-20 a-posteriori-by-max-kasymov-21 a-posteriori-by-max-kasymov-22 a-posteriori-by-max-kasymov-23 a-posteriori-by-max-kasymov-24

To create a more dynamic finish, based one or two walls in any room is finished in a contrasting color or material. The concept of design is a modern mixed style, which is determined through finishing materials with distinct textures of stone, wood, marble, concrete and glass. When selecting equipment and furniture, the principle of linearity, simplicity and brevity of the overall shape of the object is combined with the roundness of its individual elements. Decorative detail is used to accentuate the space and made to order specifically for this project.
Photography by Max Kasymov

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