Vancouver Condo Design by LUX Design

LUX Design transformed an empty condo into this warm, modern masculine retreat by installing wood slats over the fireplace and a custom photos shelf and furnishing the rooms with contemporary furniture.


vancouver-condo-design-by-lux-design-02 vancouver-condo-design-by-lux-design-03

vancouver-condo-design-by-lux-design-04 vancouver-condo-design-by-lux-design-05 vancouver-condo-design-by-lux-design-06 vancouver-condo-design-by-lux-design-07 vancouver-condo-design-by-lux-design-08 vancouver-condo-design-by-lux-design-09 vancouver-condo-design-by-lux-design-10 vancouver-condo-design-by-lux-design-11 vancouver-condo-design-by-lux-design-12 vancouver-condo-design-by-lux-design-13

A round mirror above the bed enlarges the room and reflects light from the windows inside. The mirrored bed side tables also offer reflective qualities that make the room feel larger while still offering storage. I the living room, in front of the custom fireplace we furnished it hotel style swivel arm chairs and a chaise lounge, so as not to block the beautiful downtown Vancouver city views. Opposite the living room is a glass top table with leather dining chairs. A sleek console along the dining room wall offers some space for accessories and provides an anchor for a large piece of abstract art work. Photography by LUX Design.

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