Above the city by HOLA DESIGN

Above the city is a penthouse project designed by HOLA DESIGN located on the 12th floor giving onto a beautiful Warsaw view.


above-the-city-by-hola-design-02 above-the-city-by-hola-design-03

above-the-city-by-hola-design-04 above-the-city-by-hola-design-05 above-the-city-by-hola-design-06 above-the-city-by-hola-design-07 above-the-city-by-hola-design-08 above-the-city-by-hola-design-09 above-the-city-by-hola-design-10 above-the-city-by-hola-design-11 above-the-city-by-hola-design-12 above-the-city-by-hola-design-13 above-the-city-by-hola-design-14 above-the-city-by-hola-design-15 above-the-city-by-hola-design-16 above-the-city-by-hola-design-17

The comfortable and spacious living room with the open kitchen and large French window of sliding type onto the terrace have been designed so as to blend the interior and the outer surroundings. The apartment gives the impression of a well-toned, tranquil arrangement owing to the consistence and modesty of the materials applied. Oakwood boards provided as flooring in the living room and study, whereas in the bedroom there is a soft flooring placed on thick foam material. Oakwood veneer appears on the walls, together with varnished MDF panels and concrete. The whole space is complemented with the everywhere prevailing dark satin curtains arranged softly on the floors. The bathroom window gives onto the Warsaw view as well. While resting in their own free-standing bathtub the owners can watch the huge terrace and admire the view from it. The bathroom is separated from the bedroom only by a glass wall. The bathroom can also be entered from the living room. And if needed, whenever the guests stay overnight, the bathroom can be divided into two. The viewing part, nevertheless, remains at all times for the owners disposal. All the furniture arrangements in penthouse designedindividually by HOLA Design and custom made to the order of the owners.
Photography by Sylwester Reimer

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