Contemporary Twilight by DKOR Interiors

Contemporary Twilight is a Residential Interior Design Project designed by DKOR Interiors and is located in Aventura, Florida.
“Contemporary Twilight” is the most recent DKOR’s residential interior design project in Aventura. The residence was designed for a Mexican family whom recently moved to Florida in pursuance of a better environment to raise their children.


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The inspiration behind this dream home was the essence of twilight. That moment at the end of the day where all the hustle of the day has to come a peaceful moment and the family can find tranquility in their home as the sun gradients down the sky revealing the beautiful blue and amber tones of twilight.
Interior design details and design features maintain cohesiveness throughout the home with an emphasis on a vertical movement and gradient.
A particular materiality selection like variations in wood, concrete and subtle stone patterns allow us to create a unique mood for this elegant and functional home. Accent colors used throughout the home are inspired from the essence of a twilight sky; shades of blue and grey with pops of amber.
Integrating many functional essentials while showcasing the details in the design of each room and carpentry elements, required an effective coordination among our DKOR interior design team and extended team members. Careful attention paid during all the design and construction process was absolutely necessary to make all the details work together in order to strengthen the whole design.
Photography by DKOR Interiors
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