Interior design by Normundas Vilkas

This interior design project was designed by Normundas Vilkas in 2016 and is located in Vilnius, Lithuania. Project by AKTA studio (Dovile Piekyte, Normundas Vilkas, Dovile Paunksnyte).


interior-design-by-normundas-vilkas-02 interior-design-by-normundas-vilkas-03

interior-design-by-normundas-vilkas-04 interior-design-by-normundas-vilkas-05 interior-design-by-normundas-vilkas-06 interior-design-by-normundas-vilkas-07 interior-design-by-normundas-vilkas-08 interior-design-by-normundas-vilkas-09 interior-design-by-normundas-vilkas-10 interior-design-by-normundas-vilkas-11 interior-design-by-normundas-vilkas-12 interior-design-by-normundas-vilkas-13

While the development of an interior design project in a modern nursing home we tried to keep relationship harmony with the old town of Vilnius. Therefore, we decided to create a refined and decorative interiors. Monochrome background brings rich colors and allows the works of art of living above. cold gray tones are balanced by velvet fabrics that make a contrast with the structured ceiling.
Photography by Leonas Garbańćauskas

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