First Capital office by Miroir

Miroir” was mandated by “First capital” to develop the interior design and supervise its execution. The space is located in the fourth floor of a well known luxurious office building, Galleria 40, with a net area of 141m2.


first-capital-office-by-miroir-02 first-capital-office-by-miroir-03

first-capital-office-by-miroir-04 first-capital-office-by-miroir-05 first-capital-office-by-miroir-06 first-capital-office-by-miroir-07 first-capital-office-by-miroir-08

Our design concept was built on the idea of First Capital being a very well established firm and accentuating that transparency is the only way to deal with financial issues. This much appears in employing a contrast of rough textures on the walls and ceilings that separate the firm from the outside world, against a very soft and transparent inner glass partitions. Bricks, stones and concrete emphasize the idea of existence and protection, we are not moving anywhere, we are here to protect your interests, to solve your problems and to conclude your deals. With us you are safe. And once you are in, we all act as one with full transparency and trust. This interesting mix has proven very appealing to local and international taste all the while giving the team a quite pleasant work environment.
Photography by Miroir

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