Light, bright & positive by HOLA DESIGN

Light, bright and positive is a project designed by HOLA DESIGN, these words most likely should be used to describe this interior. Designed in a truly Scandinavian style using timeless, quite toned down color base of various shades of white, delicate greys and varnished in several similar color tones oak.


light-bright-positive-by-hola-design-02 light-bright-positive-by-hola-design-03

light-bright-positive-by-hola-design-04 light-bright-positive-by-hola-design-05 light-bright-positive-by-hola-design-06 light-bright-positive-by-hola-design-07 light-bright-positive-by-hola-design-08 light-bright-positive-by-hola-design-09 light-bright-positive-by-hola-design-10

The uniqueness of the design is also in a delicate detail of horizontal milled designs decorate both furniture elements as well as the seat entwining the wall where a television set is located. Specially effective element in this subtle finish is presented by a monolith of the kitchen island. Above the solid wood table hangs a lamp made of raw, dyed on one side veneer. The lamp comes from Weplight, a renowned Argentinian wood lamp design manufacturer. A shaggy rug by the sofa adds coziness to the room while graphic illustrations in the dining room bring a dynamic element to a composed, very peaceful and balanced living area. The bathrooms are finished in light earth tone colors, which are lighted by an appropriately planned out lighting. A well thought out and planned flash of brightness is brought out by elements made of polished stainless steel. Wood elements carry their atmosphere directly from the living area to the neighboring utilization rooms.
Photography by Yassen Hristov

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