Supercar Workshop by OB Architecture

OB Architecture were invited to design and deliver the refurbishment of a derelict workshop building in Hampshire to provide a headquarters for a British automotive company specializing in the servicing, restoration and racing of both modern and historic cars.


supercar-workshop-by-ob-architecture-02 supercar-workshop-by-ob-architecture-03

supercar-workshop-by-ob-architecture-04 supercar-workshop-by-ob-architecture-05 supercar-workshop-by-ob-architecture-06 supercar-workshop-by-ob-architecture-07 supercar-workshop-by-ob-architecture-08 supercar-workshop-by-ob-architecture-09 supercar-workshop-by-ob-architecture-10 supercar-workshop-by-ob-architecture-11 supercar-workshop-by-ob-architecture-12 supercar-workshop-by-ob-architecture-13 supercar-workshop-by-ob-architecture-14 supercar-workshop-by-ob-architecture-15 supercar-workshop-by-ob-architecture-16

The clean and muted environment of the workshop provides a calm backdrop for the colourful array of supercars. Storage and parts are positioned on raised mezzanine areas to the side, leaving a large double height area in the centre. A metal stair with cantilevered treads leads up to a break-out area at first floor, overlooking the workshop through a veil of timber louvers.
Photography by Martin Gardner

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