Penthouse for two by HOLA DESIGN

Penthouse for two is a project designed by HOLA DESIGN. Over 3 meters high, a 130 m2 total surface area penthouse located in Warsaw was exclusively finished in mind for two adults as well as their potential guests.

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Its functionality was matched to the needs of its inhabitants. The floor of the bedroom has been covered with a soft, light color carpeting, and together with a private walk-in closet as well as the master bathroom create a separate enclave. The living area is an open space combining functionality of the family room, dining room and kitchen. Highest quality finishing materials and furnishing elements were used in the realization of the project. The penthouse is armed with a modern, intelligent computer lighting, window roller shutters, air conditioning, heating and monitoring management system. The bathrooms were finished with two contrasting color large marble tiles, and were also furnished with marble washbasins. The living area’s hardwood oak flooring stained to match the color scheme of the furniture surfaces and the laminates thereof finished with a North American black walnut veneer. The kitchen cabinetry was finished with high gloss polish and partially with black and white colored glass panels. One wall in the family room was covered with architectural precast concrete panels while the television was installed on an individually designed wall TV mount with curtains serving as its background. The entire interior was supplemented with designer additions such as movable furniture, lighting fixtures as well as tasteful details in a form of elaborately wrought decorative elements on individually designed, nearly three meter high doors leading to individual rooms. For the needs of this interior design realization, close to two meters long linear wall sconce strip lighting fixture made of black gloss painted aluminum was installed, which decorated the living and hallway area. The project was completed in a “move-in” condition by HOLA DESIGN – from the project also encompassing most of the furniture to the completion of the project fully ready to be inhabited.
Photography by Yassen Hristov

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