Restoration and refurbishing of a house in Valencia

Restoration and refurbishing of a house in Valencia is a project designed by DG Arquitecto in 2016.

“Our projects always begin with a detailed study of some preliminary premises:
The space, in this case is an old townhouse with almost a hundred years of history located in one of the towns near Valencia, with a small backyard, and the needs of the clients, a young couple with three year old daughter.
The new layout of the house comes out as a result of introducing these premises into de project, preserving the essence of the original housing, and opening the main spaces to the backyard.
The original structure of the house, of wooden beams and beam fills, turns into an important part of the new layout as well as the old wooden doors that, althoug being in a new position, are all restored and reused to delimit the new spaces.
Located back in the house there are the living spaces, living room, kitchen and the main room so that the backyard becomes the key area of the house, being a direct extensión of the interior spaces.
The new layout of the house and the backyard are proposed in three areas:
The central area in with the most important rooms of the house are located: the entrance, hallway, the living room, the dinning room and the orchard area.
The upper area where the rooms are located, two smalller rooms lighted up with the house´s access road, the master bedroom and the pool area.
The lower area in which the kitchen area, laundry and barbacue are located.”
Photography by Mariela Apollonio

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