Office Tree 2 Eight by Debaixo do Bloco Architecture

Office Tree 2 Eight is a project designed by Debaixo do Bloco Architecture in 2016, covers an area of 40,00 m² and is located in Brasília, Brazil.

Neutral colors, warm ambiance and comfort were the main demands of the psychologist when hiring the architecture office. To make the application a timeless reality the use of wood was crucial and became the main element of work. In addition to natural and warm the environment without making it uncomfortable in the eyes of the patient the material is meant to embrace it. The half wall is the height of who sits anywhere in the office whether at the reception or when it is attended by the professional, this in order to bring a sense of warmth.
The use of neutral tones and the standard in Brazilian furniture brings neutrality, important not to distract the patient and to somehow relieve the pollution seen out there.
For the architect it was crucial that the space did not have an air of hospital or a standard office, on the contrary, there must feel at home, so instead of a standard chaise was used a sofa that when changed the location of the backrest can To become a bed, the natural fiber mat contrasts with the very concrete floor that comes in this environment in order to balance the use of wood.
Decoration is focused on the main shelf made to meet the main needs of the Professional; Files, display books, decorative elements and a beverage station.
A point in this work was the detailing of carpentry, in it was elaborated a door camouflaged that gives access to the bathroom, this was a difficulty since its position was at the entrance of the room becoming a prominent element, in the same wall hides a closet for guard Cleaning materials and next to another cabinet to store various materials all using blind doors and the touch closure systems.
Another need that shapes the project is that the client chose not to have a secretary. The way out to solve this logistics was to create an anti debt room for 4 sliding sheets all in freijó wood, the doors with upper rails run independent; Can be fully closed, fully open or open only the sheet that is convenient.
To release the customer input while attending another an electronic doorman was inserted in the room, where video equipment was positioned next to the armchair that the customer attends, so it releases the entrance without having to leave the place.
The lighting is also highlighted and was designed to offer variations, there are indirect illuminations behind the half wall panels, only on the shelf of files and books, punctual by the dichroic and general with white lights, so you can use different scenes depending on the time of day and Of the climate that the psychologist wants to create for the patient.
Photographer: Joana França

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