Familly Hub by Susanna Cots Interior Design

Familly Hub is a project designed by Susanna Cots Interior Design, covers an area of 120 m2 and is located in Barcelona, Spain.

Susanna Cots designs a family hub without constraints: further proof that spaces must foster intimacy and communications to enable fluid relations.
The cores that Susanna Cots designs into her projects are usually invisible and, at the same time, extremely solid. She approaches them through both compact cubes and through cubes saturated with air and light.
In this dwelling in the heart of Catalonia we encounter a core we call family that permeates the main rooms designed for sharing and day-to-day living.
This hub consists of the living area, the kitchen and the office. The fireplace, located in the middle of the area and open on three sides, is the nexus that visually links the three spaces. This ensures that people in any zone never feel alone or isolated from the rest.
The keynote of the kitchen is found in the design of the ceiling, made up of slats of lacquered MDF, white like the rest of the kitchen units, that are integrated with the lighting and accompany us naturally to the exterior to enjoy the dining area. The designer plays with the sensation of being “in suspension” along with the outside.
The suite is a single space that contains the dressing area and bathroom, with a distribution that seeks to unite the spaces seamlessly and naturally, free of barriers and obstacles.
The children’s rooms are linked by a sliding glass door that enables the occupants to share a play area… or not. Togetherness and privacy: the key to family harmony.
As in all Susanna Cots’ designs the lighting project plays an essential but invisible role in uniting the spaces, creating sensations of tranquillity and fostering the feeling of wellness.
Photography by Susanna Cots Interior Design

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