Pool House by Chakib Richani Architects

The villa designed by Chakib Richani Architects is the main residence of a family with three young children in urban Dubai – U.A.E, not far from the famous Burj Al Arab Hotel.

The program entailed an outdoor swimming pool, a large reception area and numerous indoor activities in addition to the private quarters and servants` facilities. The architects opted for an introvert scheme: the main spaces overlooking the pool which is landscaped as an oasis – a place of recluse and serenity in the desert.
The volume of the villa is a simple plastered rectangular prism connected at the edges by bridges to two smaller volumes. Rhythmical flying beams on the second floor level connect the volumes visually and also flank the screen that separates the villa from the street. The flying entrance canopy, following the language of flying beams and bridges, is a main feature in the discrete street elevation.
The pool elevation, on the other hand, is a plane of glazed openings connecting the interior and exterior. American red cedar sliding wood shutters protect the living spaces from the burning sun, casting ever-changing shadows.
The entrance lobby is a double-volume narrow gallery with one blank wall washed by a skylight. The strong perspective leads the eye to the corner window framing a small pebble garden with a long travertine bench – another quiet relaxing spot.
This gallery, which is over-looked by the corridor of the more private first floor, is the circulation spine opening unto the living and dining volumes.
The internal finishes are travertine and oak wood; neutral in color, rich in texture.
Many furniture and accessories are chosen from the Chakib Richani Collection following the same design spirit.
Photo credit: Courtesy Nikolas Koenig/OTTO for Chakib Richani

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