Teresa Sapey’s House

Teresa’s house is its own world: her world. The space, walls and floor, become a white canvas on which Teresa has composed an harmonious masterpiece – liveable and alive. Family furniture, modern designs, contemporary art and paintings from another time, have been carefully selected for and positioned in this world and, altogether, create a unique place.

The big living room, excellent for meeting friends, has stunning views of the Retiro park and appears to be almost as a gallery although, differently from most exhibition spaces, it isn’t only a place for observing, but also and mainly for living. The corridor guides to the kitchen, characterised by practicality, functionality and warm colours and, as all good Italians, illy coffee and pasta de Cecco! The bedroom is a more intimate and private microcosm, highlighted by the change in materials, furniture and colours. The floor, up until then white, is colourfully carpeted with a pattern designed by Teresa which also takes over the bathroom. Here, the usual order has been turned upside down and colours, furniture, towels and also the headboard, specially designed for this room, are white and sit in in contrast with the objects of the living room.

Photography by Alba Garcia

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