CASA LS by Architrend Architecture

CASA LS is a project designed by Architrend Architecture and is located in Ragusa, Italy. Photography by Moreno Maggi.

“The villa has developed by play of surfaces and walls, which are coming out from the main body of the building. The street facade has projected by frames which are presenting the border of the first floor, showing the building to the outside by expanding horizontal dimension.
The large windows are interspersed with walls covered with local stone, placed in misalignment between the ground floor and the first floor. There is perforated metal sheet in the frame at the fa├žade of the first floor, introduces an element of semitransparent and lightness.
Few selected materials are giving the house its contemporary character, that is the aim of the project. The ground floor is suspended over a pool of water that surrounds two sides. You enter the house via a walkway made of a thin metal sheet.”

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