Triangle House by Ganna Design

Triangle House is a project designed by Ganna Design. “Triangle is beyond a geometric sign or a decorative element in this house. The house is owned by two girls and their puppy, so the design concept is centered on ” good friends”. Triangle is thus generated to be the main element which represents the inseparable three roles in the house.

The harmony and balance in a triangle symbolize the good friendship between them. Designers apply triangle element in many corners no matter in door leaves, cabinets or even on the ceiling. The triangle on the ceiling cleverly softens the visual pressure brought by beams and pillars, while allowing the view extending to out of the window. Gray is the ground color so that the colorful decorations, furniture and even the window view outside can be included in the whole design. No matter at what corner, people in the house can enjoy the beautiful surrounding view outside, reminding the house owners to slow down their pace and to spent more time with their beloved family and friends. Another triangle can be seen on the glass door of the bedroom. There is a small entrance on bottom of the glass door, so the house owner’s loyal friend can run in and out freely.

As the tailor cut out a garment, designers make several “turndown collars” on the door leaves. Such design technique is a nice touch that makes this simplicity style house more interesting. The silver wall turns a corner and extends to the master bedroom wardrobe. The folds on the door leaves become the handles of wardrobe doors, echoing the house owners’ daily preferences for making handmade stuffs. On weekdays, the owner will make some handicrafts on the long table. This long table is designed by combining two different materials, symbolizing that people from different backgrounds can be bound together. Inside the design concept are the greetings and wishes from the designer.”

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