Bright Side by Musa Studio

Bright Side is a apartment project for a young family with one child designed by Musa Studio, covers an area of 109 sq m and is located in Chișinău, Moldova.

This apartment is conceived in harmony with the building architecture, providing an elegant, classy, and at the same time a modern look. So, classical elements such as moldings and decorative friezes are in a sharp contrast with the clean, minimalist grey walls, creating an inspiring, artistic place for living.
We’ve designed a radiant, stylish interior that meets all the requirements for a comfortable living. It provides a large, open-space for day zone, one bedroom for the child and a master bedroom with a private bathroom. The second bathroom is for common use and it is accessible from the hallway. High ceilings, about three meters high, add airiness to the space, while decorative elements on the walls make it feel more cozy. The art we’ve used, together with the metallic textures that interact with light, a chandelier in a kid’s room – gives the interior a bohemian touch. All the textures, decorations and one-of-a-kind pieces of furniture – such as the kitchen island – make this place interesting to discover.

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