Haus 3M by destilat

destilat’s 3M house is based on a holistic concept – everything comes from a single source, from its outer shell to the dining table. At P.stlingberg in Linz, surrounded by intact nature, destilat has realised its 3M house on a steep property with a view of the river Danube.

An essential part of the design concept was to correspondingly incorporate the property’s uniqueness as well as the bordering edge of the forest and the magnificent view of the Danube valley.

In accordance with the property’s topography, the building consists of stepped mezzanines which make the house fit perfectly into its natural environment. Its offset levels, supported by their selected surfaces, create different room heights which define the house’s cosiness.

Besides carefully selected design classics, the house’s furniture predominantly consists of designs by destilat. The kitchen is based on destilat’s own design, while destilat’s dining table ‘4 to the Floor’ was combined with lamps by Tom Dixon. The result is a house that emanates tangible homogeneity and clarity.

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