Back to Basics by Musa Studio

Back to Basics is a project designe by Musa Studio, covers an area of 58 sq m and is located in Chișinău, Moldova.

This interior reflects the pure design philosophy that in fact is much deeper and much more sophisticated than it appears. It creates the perfect ambiance for a person who leads a busy lifestyle, a place devoid of clutter, unnecessary information and distracting stuff. It provides clean lines, simple forms, calm color scheme and sincere materials. It is a place where the thoughts are cleaned up, pared back to the basics. This interior doesn’t give a certain mood to it’s residents and guests; it allows them to decide on the mood they are going to experience.
Though the minimalist style in interior design is considered quite sterile, we wanted to avoid this feeling. For this purpose we’ve brought a piece of nature in the living room adding a vertical garden; in the bedroom we’ve made an accent on art, placing there an abstract round painting and using a classic frame for the mirror. We’ve used warm shades of light grey for the wall paint to make it look more cozy, and we’ve used wooden texture for the flooring to add a little extra warmth. For the furniture we’ve used shiny black and white finishes that beuatifully reflects the light, while the mirror-plated walls create a greater sense of space. The indirect lighting plays two roles in this interior: it accentuates one more time the straight lines and at the same time the warm tint of the light make it look more intimate. All the necessary stuff is hidden inside the multiple cabinets and built-in closets, so that there is nothing to disturb the resident’s zen.

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