Apartment in Born by CaSA

Apartment in Born is a project designed by CaSA, covers an area of 65m2 and is located in Barcelona, Spain. Photography by Roberto Ruiz.

This apartment is located in the oldest part of Barcelona, in an ancient building that dates back to the 13th century, in the neighborhood known as Born.
The brief was to completely transform the old property into a new vibrant flat, home of a young Italian woman, a fashion professional.
The highly compartmented layout originally included three bedrooms, two occupying the street side and a third one in the entrance space and was placing living and kitchen in the dark interior of the plot.
The new arrangement overturns completely the original layout. The scheme is thought to fully bring back and enhance the great proportions of the ancient spaces, with 4m high-vaulted ceilings, huge windows and thick walls.
All of previous partitions have been demolished, leaving only one thick structural wall, around the new bedroom.
The key piece of the project and the only added partition is a thick, bespoke storage unit that divides the entrance from the living area, converting the hall into a disguised walk-in-wardrobe.
This made-to-measure, built-in storage is thought to highlight the monumental proportions of the recovered spaces.
The deep blue, boiserie-like, floor to ceiling cabinetry was designed to meet the client’s request to provide storage for clothing, accessories and sports equipment, as well as other home items.
Its lacquered panels’ rhythm conceals a direct access to the bedroom from the main entrance through a double door, like a secret entry that keeps the room private and independent.

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