Aqua design by Geometrium

Aqua design is a project designed by Geometrium, covers an area of 72 m2 and is located in Moscow, Russia.

The project is ordered by a man. Only he will live in this flat on a permanent basis, sometimes his mature daughter will come to visit him. The main interior demands are: bright and cozy flat in a Scandinavian style, closed storage systems, wooden or wood grain stills, ceramic granite or stone floor, wooden tabletop of the cabinetry.
Presence of the guest bathroom is important. Also, the client wanted to have entry to the host bathroom from his bedroom.
The apartment should have climate control and smart house systems, with help of which the owner could control lightening scenarios and the whole flat power cut off (except refrigerator), also it should be possible to turn off the light from the bed in the bedroom.
Photography courtesy of Geometrium

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