FONT 6 Apartment by CaSA and Margherita Serboli Arquitectura

FONT 6 Apartment is a project designed by CaSA and Margherita Serboli Arquitectura, covers an area of 75 m2 and is located in Barcelona, Spain. Photos by Roberto Ruiz

The apartment is located in a quiet and green passageway beside the Sagrada Familia ever-on-site temple and belongs to Andrea Serboli, one of the two founders of the architectural firm. It was therefore the perfect opportunity to develop a sample of the firm’s style, having as a single limit a maximum budget to invest, and to find place for a great number of objects and memories forming the owner’s collection.
The simple brief was to turn the house into a wunderkammer, a quiet retreat full of emotionally charged objects, with at least one guest room besides the main one.
The 1914 building is a fairly simple example of a modernist (Catalan Art Nouveau) building in the Eixample district. The apartment, bought in a state of neglect, presented some period elements, although most of them irreversibly compromised.
The original layout consisted of a series of partitions, in full style of the modernist period, which divided the apartment into six rooms.
The gallery overlooking the interior patio of the block had been previously closed off with PVC windows; the original period gallery windows had been lost before the purchase.
The challenge has been translated into the will to maintain the period elements that could be saved, without renouncing to a flat with a distinct contemporary character and as clear and diaphanous as possible.

Team: Andrea Serboli and Matteo Colombo for Colombo and Serboli Architecture, Margherita Serboli Arquitectura
Contractor: Global Projects –
Styling and art direction: CaSA

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