Chengdu Wanhua LuxeLakes Eco-City, Show Flat C13, Unit A

Chengdu Wanhua LuxeLakes Eco-City, Show Flat C13, Unit A is a project designed by Shenzhen Qianxun Decorative Art and Design Co., Ltd.

Chengdu Luxelakes Eco-City Show Flat C-13, Unit A: calming power, leaping rhythm
Black and white keys always leave people an impression of calming, sensible and tough, however, carry unexpected infinite power inside. This project also conveys the same style, tough, calming, without distractions, in which you can feel the gentle arcs as well as the sense of design. Dark gold rhythm goes through the living room and dining room, just like a warm current, smoothing the edges in a reserved and orderly manner, and also bringing easeful emotions into the gray fabrics.
The bedroom is decorated with paintings and jewelry in minimalistic style, neat and tidy, with the restraint of gentlemen and dark hues to make you at ease, while the intimacy of the bed is enhanced by its comfortable feelings.
In the study room, simple lines and cool colors, combined with the soft furniture and geometric furnishing, create a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere which integrates calming power and leaping rhythm.
For the children’s room, the designer used the element of classic turquoise color, which spreads out orderly in the space, attracting children’s attention, and making them feel happy and safe.
Decoration and furnishing are highlights of the design for the whole space. Simple lines, smooth ripples, concise white color with some dark green plants, all of these elements give people a tranquil feeling that cannot be ignored.
In here, you can touch the leaping rhythm, despite of restless feelings, but still enjoy the leisureliness. It benefits from the balance the designer achieved between silence and rhythm, which brightens your hearts and makes you at ease.

Chengdu Luxelakes Eco-City Show Flat C-13, Unit B: Telling the beauty of leaping in a moderate way
Gray, the color between white and black, is neutral, moderate and peaceful among all colors, which mediates the conflicts and makes people act gently.
In the system of philosophy, “moderation” is the most difficult one to understand and grasp. From living room to dining room, the designer strongly expressed moderation concept with “gray” hues and extended other colors in a certain degree, bringing out the balance between tension and relaxation. The glassware on the table is very eye-catching with its clear, sexy and lively textures, classic shapes, and moderate but outstanding colors. In the corner of the living room, a green chair echoes with the indistinct green elements of the whole space, maintaining the unique charm and lighting up the tones of living room.
The open kitchen makes use of all black hues, cool and strict, when colorful foods are made and placed on the table, a vivid scene of real life pops out.
The bedroom is like a fine horse to be tugged at the reins, with their feet on the ground but still full of power. When the bright gray mattress is set against the snow-white skin, how sexy it will be. The decorative paintings above the bed echo with the metal luster of curtains and lights with simple lines, instantly drawing you into the story. The glittering feeling runs through the window, wall and floor.
The cloakroom offers a gateway for entering a new world. The log-colored grids are well-arranged, with individual function for each other. It is a place somewhat mysterious, you find yourself renewed when you are leaving.
The soft children’s room is a wonderland with purple and pink colors. The designer achieved the balance in the house, making it neither too simple nor deeply suppressed, and also cute, warm as well as a bit restrained.
The design for secondary bedroom is mature and natural, with cyan color to set the tone. The tranquil space gives people a warm feeling. The paintings in it are chic and restraining, presenting a perfect match.
The balcony is the family’s favorite area, an amazing place for them to enjoy silence, tea, chatting or scenery. The simple log-colored tables and stools make you feel relaxed and unrestrained. There is nothing better than sitting by a balcony and enjoying the wonderful scenes in our life.

Project name: Chengdu Wanhua LuxeLakes Eco-City Show Flat C13, Unit A
Project location: Tianfu New District, Chengdu, China
Unit area: 117m² (Unit A)
Completion date: June, 2017
Decoration and furnishing: Shenzhen Qianxun Decorative Art and Design Co., Ltd. (
Project developer: Chengdu Widehorizon New Town Development Co., Ltd.

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