Fine elegant apartment by Bolshakova Interiors

The apartments were designed by Bolshakova Interiors to offer a comfortable place to stay during business trips. It is a modern space in a calm colour range, conducive to relaxation.
Rich, warm, natural materials and minimalism, in well thought out combinations, create exceptional aesthetics in this interior. Specially selected art, created by the Ukrainian artist Oleg Tistol, give the place a unique atmosphere. Photography by Andrey Avdeenko.

Living room
The common space functions as a recreation area and dining room and provides a smooth transition to the kitchen. Since the apartments are not designed for permanent residence, the space does not require too many storage places, which visually gives a sense of lightness and cohesion.

Simple, flat surfaces spark images of mountains and ice due to the combination of white and stone. Panel – Wall & Deco.

Private recreation
Master bedroom and bathroom – secluded areas decorated in neutral sand tones. Textured gypsum panels are used on the walls.

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