Zero-room apartment by MÁS

Zero-room apartment is a project designed by MÁS. Creating a really tiny flat is always a challenge. However, checking the continuously increasing real estate prices there is a really big need for bringing out the most of all square meters and create great living conditions even in the smallest places. Photography by Dávid Kis.

The main concept of the zero-room apartment was to totally rethink a former traditional flat with only 35 m2. To create the largest spaces possible, all the interior walls were demolished. The closed, complementary functions – such as the bathroom, the toilet and a really small mechanical room– are located along the entrance, while everything else is in the spacious ’main’ room. Since the main room serves as kitchen, dining room, living room and bedroom, the furnishing played a particularly important role.

Since the ’mess’ and the interference of different functions put in one space had to be avoided, a mobile, variable furnishing was created, where most of the elements can be hidden. The main goal was to create a totally functional apartment, that can be easily converted into an ordered work of art by closing some doors.
To hide or unhide the everyday mess of a kitchen or a wardrobe, special opening-sliding doors were used on the furniture. This way the main functions of a flat can be separated (closing the kitchen doors/hiding the bed), and you can enjoy the benefits of having a spacious living/workin/dining room.
The zero-room apartment is a first attempt to give solution for a great and comfortable ‘roomless living’.

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