Residences in Moscow’s by Art Group Design Studio

The residences in Moscow’s prestigious Novaya Riga community by Art Group Design Studio tend toward the Anglophilic, with cottage-style mansions popping up in areas like Montville village. But the owners of this 3,200-square-foot home wanted something a bit more international. Photography by Sergey Krasyuk.

“We are oversaw reconstruction of the exterior, including attic overhangs and a new rafter system that updates the classic chalet style with modern touches such as LEDs embedded in the beams. Other large-scale projects included installing two swimming pools, a hammam, and a home theater.

For interiors we tried to unite European modernity and Asian images. A mix of the clients’ artwork, much of it from Indonesia, and bold pieces from Spanish favorite Sancal are joined by marble, in the form of a fireplace; metal, in the dining area’s custom bar, its frame suspending a large custom mirror; and pine, which form stripes in the guest bedroom to form an echo of the Alpine.”

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