Black Ink by MUJIE Design

Black Ink is a project designed by MUJIE Design. To maximize the usable space in the limited layout and flow of 72.8 m2 interior space. We retain the original three-room layout and create a highly multifunctional public space.

The four-meter-long and multi-functional stainless steel countertop can work as the kitchen island and working table. It not only saves physical space, but also greatly expands the visual space. The entire space is in a black tone which reduces the brightness of the space. The dark and calm walnut color of decoration fully reveals the owner’s maturity and taste. The clear and sharp surface design brings a minimalistic style. The straight lines and the mirror on the wall increase the spatial gradation and naturally reflect the light. This space is suitable for resting mind in day and night.
Photography courtesy of MUJIE Design

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