Micro-apartment in Siena by Giovanni Tomasone

Micro-apartment in Siena is a project designed by Giovanni Tomasone in 2016, covers an area of 30 m2 and is located in Siena, Tuscany, Italy.

The existing property was a Nun’s cell in a 16th Century convent in Siena, which had already been converted to an apartment in the 20th Century but with only a basic level of finishes which were in need of complete replacement. The Client wanted to renovate the apartment with a modern contemporary feel, new lighting and to introduce some highlight colors with the aim of visually enlarging the small space.

The Architect achieved this using a neutral light grey resin on floors to cover the existing dark red tiles and white and grey rendered walls, using with only two grey tones. The dark heavy timber ceiling beams were lightened by painting them white, as well as the areas (soffits) between beams.

New bespoke kitchen and built-in storage furniture was installed in a simple clean design with white laquer finishes to provide functionality, without dominating spaces. Existing doors and windows were retained and painted white or grey to match ceilings and floors. Bedroom soft furnishings were used to add a highlight colour in red/peach, with dining chairs in the main space used to add a distinct turquoise colour, contrasting with practical dark grey loose coverings on the sofa.

The whole space now feels light and spacious without losing it’s essential character and has visually achieved its goal of making the apartment feel larger.

© Photos by Bruno Bruchi (all rights reserved).

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