Apartment in Moscow by Monoloko design

The main idea behind this project by Monoloko Design is to turn the interior toward the view from the windows. The interior is designed to reveal the entire space, drawing attention to panoramic views of a nearby park and rowing basin through the use of geometry and reflections in mirrors and glass. Photography by Dmitry Chebanenko.

The style of the interior can be described as functional minimalism. All furniture is clearly linked to the overall geometry of the space, creating a unified interior while also carrying a serious functional load.

Monoloko designed all of the furniture, which was custom-made by private artisans. The furniture can also be transformed when needed. For example, the partition in the living area with the sofa is also a storage unit accessible from both sides. On the sofa side, storage is found in the upper part of the cabinet; on the corridor side it is found in the lower portion.

With every project, Monoloko brings together the latest stylistic trends, advanced technology and established architectural traditions.

The firm’s ideas are based on fundamental knowledge of architecture and design and extensive experience in construction. Thanks to Monoloko’s particular approach to design, its homes and interiors remain relevant for multiple generations of users. Each of its projects is unique, just as every person is unique.

Data Sheet:
Apartment in Moscow
Moscow, Russia
Architect: MONOLOKO design, Maxim Kashin
Apartment area: 60 m2 (650 sq. ft.)
Built in 2017
Photographer: Dmitry Chebanenkov

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