House on the slope by boq architekti

House on the slope is a project designed by boq architekti. The brief was to create a house on a slope. An alien who landed in a conservative location near the capital. The house, which in its way delimits the surrounding buildings and at the same time is oriented to the views of the surroundings. A simple cube located on the ground plan of the original building, which is complemented by hanging blocks. Photography by Alexandra Timpau.

The three-story villa offers parking space, wellness, study and guest room at ground floor level. The second floor is dedicated to the main living area with kitchen and dining room, there is designed a separate living room and another study for the owner. On the upper floor, there are private bedrooms, children’s rooms and a separate parent wing with dressing room and bathroom. Of course, there are private terraces accessible from each room and a barbecue place located on the ground floor of the building facing the garden.

A purist interior in which the views of the surroundings stand out. Individual rooms are designed as windows to the landscape.

The facade is designed in plaster – Czech traditional material, with white and gray colors. The smooth facade contrasts with a rough, very old stone base that stabilizes the entire slope.

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