Apartment in Moscow by Ivan Kachalov

Architect Ivan Kachalov approached the design of an apartment for his own family as an experiment and turned a small space into an innovative design territory. Located in a residential complex Wellton Park apartment of 70 square meters. In addition to a successful location and high-quality architecture, it initially did not stand out: the complicated “L”-shaped plan, the supporting column in the center of the common space did not add either comfort or aesthetics to it. But the architect Ivan Kachalov used the entire arsenal of design and technological solutions, creating an exclusive interior that is not inferior in functionality and ergonomics to apartments with a much larger area.

A small apartment is equipped with all the necessary functions for a comfortable stay for a family with two children. On an area of ​​70 square meters. there is a common living room-kitchen, a bedroom with its own bathroom, a nursery for two daughters, a guest bathroom, a dressing room, a laundry room and a compact entrance hall. Ergonomics of space is calculated up to a centimeter, each detail in its place. The central room is a combined living room-kitchen, in order to visually expand the space, the architect faced one of the walls with large-format mirrors, and the door leading to the children’s block also made a mirror. “The supporting column separating the kitchen initially crushed the room,” says the author of the project. “Typically, designers highlight such designs with color, beat them like shelves and storage systems, but I decided to act on the contrary, and with the help of mirror panels I “dissolved” its space.” Between the living room and the bedrooms, he built a kind of wooden cube in which he placed wet areas, as well as storage systems. He installed the air conditioning equipment in a mirror wall, instead of radiators in the window sills he installed convectors, developed hidden niches for household appliances and household items. The result is an interior in which comfort, function and aesthetics are inextricably linked.

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