Penthouse in Moscow by Ivan Kachalov

Architect Ivan Kachalov designed a penthouse with an outdoor terrace, a winter garden and a wood burning fireplace in a prestigious new house in the Khamovniki district. The apartment is located on the top floor of a residential complex and has a huge advantage – an exploited roof hovering over the city. The result was a status interior with a view of the iconic Moscow architecture, luxurious and functional.

The architects began work on the project with the construction of additional residential space on the roof, which allowed to increase the usable area and create the very atmosphere of a country house that the customer spoke about. An extension of 60 square meters ะตั€ัƒ complemented by high sliding doors that blur the boundaries between the interior and exterior, and inside it organized a winter garden with a dining group, an open storage system and lots of greenery in tubs. Coordination of design changes lasted exactly a year, but the result was worth it: from the main living room guests get into the winter garden with a more relaxed mood, and from there – onto the open veranda with outdoor furniture, barbecue and living trees. The main volume includes a large living room with panoramic windows and views of the skyscraper of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, an isolated kitchen, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a spacious entrance group and several dressing rooms. All rooms are large, comfortable with plenty of light and air.

The image of the status interior is implemented using materials and copyright products of the highest quality. The design focuses on the natural textures of wood, stone, natural textiles made of silk and wool. The level of the interior is emphasized by furniture made of precious wood (ebony, rosewood) with brass and leather inlay. The floors in all rooms are lined with an array of American walnut with a picturesque texture. Tall doors with portals scale the space and create a ceremonial mood. Tinted smoky glass and the delicate glow of decorative plasters serve as a backdrop for designer furniture and fixtures. The final chord – magnificent paintings by contemporary Russian artists โ€“ add the spirit of the Soviet era to the modern interior.

Photography courtesy of Ivan Kachalov

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